Middle-Class Mindset Escape Plan
Best-Selling Book by J.D. Gibson
In this insightful, entertaining how-to guide, J.D. outlines six story-packed steps that will help you:

 • Identify and change the bad “Monetary Imprint Gene” and rewire for everything you desire.
• Think like the wealthy.
• Get the heck out of that dead-end job.
• Quit wishing you’re rich and actually get rich.
• Get into motion, stay in motion.
• Create another way of life, a life that’s AMAZING.

Middle-Class Mindset Escape Plan is the self-help book for people who need to make a positive financial change but don’t know how to get started. No matter where you are in your life now, how many times you’ve failed, or how much debt you have, all is not lost. Plan for success instead of failure and take back the life of freedom you deserve now. You’ll love this fresh and snarky take on success from a relatable guy who has been there, too! Get it now.
about Middle-Class Mindset Escape Plan:
Monetary Imprint Gene
Your New Way of Life
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